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Oct. 6, 2022

Episode 14: Transforming Insight at Carnival

Episode 14: Transforming Insight at Carnival

Episode 14 of the IMA's Transforming Insight podcast is now available. In this extended episode James talks to Jan Worsley, Insights Director at Carnival UK.

Jan worked in IT before moving to the TNS World Panel and becoming Innocent Drinks’ first Insight manager. He then moved back to the agency side, before leading Insight at Carnival UK, part of the world’s biggest cruise company.

In this episode, Jan describes what it was like to lead an Insight team at an organisation that had to close its global operation during the pandemic, and how, despite the tragedy, he managed to seize the opportunity to make Insight ‘the lead huskey’.

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Topics Discussed

  • The importance of being yourself (4.45)
  • The varied world of cruises (7.30)
  • The Carnival Insight team and its journey (10.23)
  • Working in Insight when the world stopped (14.03)
  • The need for continuous development (20.03)


  • “We can see [the pandemic] as a huge opportunity here. With all the things that we've got sat there ready to go, this is the time we can see what the business needs, that maybe it hasn't realised yet. We should be turning all these residual contracted tools we have at our disposal to really help the business navigate this pandemic and work out what we can do.”
  • “This idea of “Lead Husky” - the Insight leading the business. Going into the fresh snow, no one wants to be this sort of husky in the back. You want to be the husky at the front, really plowing through the fresh snow, working out what, and where, the opportunities are.”
  • “So much of the past data ceased to be relevant for the data science models. But by joining together the strengths of the different sides of the Insight function, you could really put Insight in a far better place in your business, and a better place to understand what might happen next.”
  • “If you can embed things like always taking time to join the dots at the end of the project. Think: Which are the stakeholders that could do with hearing this story? How does this new finding relate to things that we've seen in the past? How is it contradicting it? These are the times when more interesting things emerge, aren't they? But you need to build in time for that."

This is episode 14 of the Transforming Insight podcast. 

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