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April 27, 2022

Episode 4: Transforming Insight at ASOS

Episode 4: Transforming Insight at ASOS

In this extended episode, James Wycherley is joined by Sandra Kampmann, Director of Insight and Analytics at ASOS. They discuss Sandra’s role, her career path and presumptions about Insight, her ambition to transform Insight and the Insight strategy she is developing - not just for her team, but for the whole organisation.

Sandra talks candidly about the challenges she faces and the lessons Insight teams can learn from Finance, and she also recommends a book that has changed her working life.

Topics Discussed

  • Insight and Analytics at ASOS (1.45)
  • Creating a joined-up Insight team (5.45)
  • Sandra’s day job and diary (10.02)
  • The book that changed Sandra’s working life (15.15)
  • An Insight team creating value for the business (23.59)


  • “I understood what Insight was and I also understood the value, but within the limitation of doing it within a finance function. We looked at transactional data, we were always focused on customer profit and customer value. Knowing what I know now, looking after a broader team, we weren’t looking at web analytics or other customer behaviour, everything was always in the confines of financial numbers.” 
  • “In a Finance function, you are very much at the forefront of the decision-making at ASOS. The value of the work Insight was doing was very visible to me because it would always inform new business initiatives.“
  • “We are fast-growing, and things are changing all the time…When I took over, ASOS was going through a painful growth phase, and we really needed to look at our organisation. Unfortunately for me, I was tasked with looking at some cost-efficiencies for the team. It was a tough decision, but one that I needed to take.”
  • “It requires me to work across the breadth of the organisation. ASOS has very big growth ambitions and lots of strategic transformation initiatives. It’s not just organising my own time, but getting that time from busy people, which requires a lot of planning.”

This is Episode 4 of the Transforming Insight podcast. 

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