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Feb. 2, 2023

Episode 23: Insight communication programmes

Episode 23: Insight communication programmes

Lots of corporate Insight teams work very closely with marketing departments, but how good are we at marketing our own insights? Or even recognising the need to market them?

When Insight leaders think about improving the communication of their knowledge and ideas, they normally focus on team skills and behaviour. These are really important of course, but a focus only on skills leaves us without a top-down plan for what is to be communicated, when and to whom.

In this 17-minute episode, James looks at how successful Insight teams can drive change by developing Insight communication programmes. He is joined by the IMA’s Roy Hammond, who shares five top tips that any Insight team could adopt.

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Topics Discussed

  • Introducing the Insight CMO (1.59)
  • Starting with the audience (2.45)
  • How Barclays made use of comm’s channels (6.09)
  • Making friends with other comm’s professionals (9.44)
  • How much effort should we put in? (11.47)


  • “Who are the audiences within your organisation that would benefit from seeing more customer and market insight? There are probably many, ranging from the boardroom to operations and customer-facing roles. We’re really interested in anyone who is in position to make decisions that affect how our company’s products and services are designed, promoted and delivered.” 
  • “Although most communication plans quite rightly start with the audience, there’s also merit in sometimes starting with our content. If we’ve just delivered great insights to one part of the company, are there now others that could benefit from the same content?”
  • “How can we deliver different types of message to different audiences? Can we move away from PowerPoint, Excel and Word, and think about video, animation, intranet portals, competitions, postcards, posters, physical objects, town hall meetings or brown bag lunches?”

This is episode 23 of the Transforming Insight podcast. 

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About James Wycherley, the author of Transforming Insight

James Wycherley was Director of Customer Insight and Analytics at Barclays from 2005 to 2015 when he became Chief Executive of the Insight Management Academy (IMA). A popular keynote speaker and acknowledged expert on Insight leadership, strategy, and communication, he is the author of the book Transforming Insight: the 42 secrets of successful corporate Insight teams, and over 35 IMA publications. He has provided thought leadership in the UK, Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, and the Middle East, and regularly hosts the IMA’s Insight forums - London, Manchester, UK Online and US Online.

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