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Sept. 22, 2022

Episode 12: Cultivating Knowledge

Episode 12: Cultivating Knowledge

As we plough through past projects, we may find an immediate payback - golden nuggets that are of great interest to senior decision-makers.

But if we want to produce a crop that we can harvest year after year, in other words a knowledge base that underpins all our future research and supports multiple business decisions, then we need to cultivate our insight. This requires more time and effort.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated! We’ll describe a way of tackling it in very basic terms with 3 simple steps.

In this episode, James is joined by Emma Jones, Senior Insight Manager at the IMA, and an expert on Insight farming.

Emma provides her top tips for Insight teams who want to develop as knowledge farmers and create a knowledge-sharing culture.

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Topics Discussed

  • Compiling a greatest hits presentation (1.34)
  • The heart of the knowledge cultivation process (3.10)
  • The Insight farming mindset (5.25)
  • Examples from successful Insight teams (8.50)
  • The importance of discussing insights (11.38)


  • “Stage 1 may be as simple as listing the key findings from all the best pieces of work your Insight team has done in the last year. If you have a 1-page summary, or a killer slide, for each of these pieces, you can simply stitch them together to form a ‘greatest hits’ compilation.”
  • “Another critical aspect of knowledge cultivation is conversation between Insight professionals. If you have team meetings where all you ever do is report on project progress, you are wasting a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge and collective understanding.”
  • “I’d emphasise that creating effective insight is an on-going process, with every insight project providing context for the next one. Reviewing what we know and prioritising it by relative importance can be a really effective way of building a robust and joined-up knowledge base. In turn, that places our teams in a much stronger position to influence and drive key business decisions.”
  • “What I love to see Insight teams introduce is a ‘knowledge-sharing culture’ - a set of unwritten guidelines that promotes sharing knowledge, experiences and insights - all of which can be fundamental to a team’s collective knowledge, intelligence and abilities. It enables people to continue growing both personally and professionally.”

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